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Aroma-Disk Reusable Vent Clip (10 Clips per order) - Available while supplies last $5.00

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The Aroma-Disk was originally designed to be placed in a discrete area (on the floor boards of a vehicle) But, we came up with another way to use this awesome product!

This Aroma-Disk Universal and Reusable Vent Clip was designed as a way to place the Aroma-Disk where air has an easier way to pass over it-making it stronger! It also, fits so nicely in a vent, you can barely see it!
ATTACH IT TO: Lamp shade struts, Vertical blinds, Air purifiers, Central air vents, Humidifiers, Trash cans, Fan blades, Car and truck vents, Gym locker struts, and any other place you can find to use the clip!
AROMA-DISK CAN BE PLACED IN/ON: Vehicle floor boards, Gym/sport bags, Sneakers, Under trash can liners, Dried flower arrangements, or any other area you can find to place the Aroma-Disk! Always place Aroma-Disk in a discrete area. 

Do not place Aroma-Disk on Leather, Vinyl or Wood.