Microfiber Dash & Detail Duster

Microfiber Dash & Detail Duster
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The Super Soft SM Arnold Dash & Detail Duster removes dust, pollen, and light dirt in minutes! The non-scratch microfiber fingers grab dust and hold it to completely remove it from car dash, console, cargo area or anywhere dust is present. Dust just your interior or your entire vehicle in just minutes!

The SM Arnold Microfiber Dash & Detail Duster is an easy solution to a common problem. Just days after detailing your vehicle, a light layer of dust has settled inside and out. Not a problem for the SM Arnold Microfiber Dash and Detail Duster. It allows you to clean without water and without chemicals. Just wipe and you’re done!

The SM Arnold Microfiber Dash & Detail Duster is made with electrostatic microfiber that grabs and holds dust.

The soft microfiber strands are safe on paint, glass, plastic, and metal.

12" length and comes with a clam shell case for storage.